How to Use Facebook Automated Messenger BOTS

Facebook just introduced an brand new as well as crazy Automated Messenger BOTS for people seeking results immediately. Its just like an google search engine but a way faster then it. Infect you can even chat with a BOT instead of typing a specific command you can chat freely whatever you can and results would be given instantly. I liked the Poncho BOT (a climate PET CAT) that given outcomes pertaining to weather from across the world.

Facebook’s Automated Messenger BOTS

I just made a search for “Weather in Delhi and Chandigarh” and result was given instantly like weather for Chandigarh is “75 Degree Fahrenheit” then I replied again “In Celsius” it replied again “25 Degree Celsius” so its not just picking up a single command but it remind what you asked it earlier and replies you back with whatever refinement you require in your results.

How to Use Facebook Messenger BOTS Right Now

You can use Facebook Messenger BOTS right now instantly by just messaging their BOTS and getting instant replies from them. Using Facebook Messenger BOT is free and simple.

1. Poncho (The Weather BOT)

Facebook’s Automated Messenger BOTS

You can see I had a conversation with PONCHO (The Weather BOT)and asked him about the weather in Chandigarh and all the replies he gave to me. Well to access PONCHO you can check the link below, you need to Sign In to your messenger account and then just ask him normal you ask anyone about the weather and reply will be given.


2. Official F8BOT on Facebook Messenger

This is where you can ask anything about the F8BOT concept, what's actually happening and what not.


There are many other BOTS that could be accessed using the Facebook Messenger application, so you can visit and see all the bots currently running on Facebook Messenger.

Well I tried it and it looks good and fast, well its your turn to give it a try and see the difference of searching on Google and searching on Messenger. Do comment below about your views on this one.