9 Best SSDs (Solid State Drive) of 2016 with Best Performance

SSD – Solid State Drive is in huge demand this days and why it should not be everyone wants a better speed and performance in their laptop and computers so getting an huge demand in a market is really a great thing, People are getting aware of latest technologies and they want to used that technology as soon as possible because money is not a big deal for many people and they want to use latest technology which should make their work fast and easy and SSD is one of them people are upgrading their laptops by adopting this SSD (Solid State Drive) technology by removing their old simple hard drive as this SSD gives an extra boost up to their laptops and gives an superfast performance.

Samsung Solid State Drive

When we purchase a brand new finest SSD Solid State Drive, the first initial point came in our mind is the best performance after that reliability and, then energy efficiency, we should make our old computer systems and laptop faster. We make use of benchmark in 2016 to examine which is the best performance SSD worldwide, and the outcomes we located are respectable. Couple of SSD drives I utilized in my own Apple MacBook Pro, I see the difference in handling like closing down speed of MacBook pro, opening up applications and also a lot more points. I have no idea what's your preferred brand name company, However I merely see which has ideal best performance as well as make my laptop and computer faster and powerful. So I make a list below here of finest SSD Drive performance result and which really accurate.

Top 9 Solid State Hard Drives Performance for Upgrading Laptops

1. Samsung 850 PRO Solid State Drive

Samsung 850 PRO SSDs

When you require superfast performance in your laptop Samsung is among the very best SSD drive I have actually made use of in my life. It writes at 520MB per second and reads at 550MB per second everything works amazing in this drive. So I suggest you to choose 850 Pro if cash is not a big deal for you. It's readily available in numerous shops  on the internet like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal etc..

2. SanDisk Extreme Pro Solid State Drive

SanDisk Extreme Pro Solid State Drive

I select second SSD SanDisk due to the fact that there is very little difference in between Samsung 850 pro and SanDisk extreme pro, I made use of both in my laptop both gave me great standard of 550MB per second of reading speed, I love SanDisk due to the fact that this drive offers me longer battery life as well as includes wise assistance you can easily purchase this SSD on amazon.com.

3. Crucial MX200 Solid State Drive

Crucial MX200 Solid State Drive

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Crucial MX200 has vibrant composing velocity it's most recent NAND innovation permits drive to switch any type of NAND element in between MLC as well as SLC mode. It has great consecutive reading rate of 555MB per second endurance wise the MX200 is just one of the leading SSDs out there in very early 2016.

4. Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive

Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive

There is no question Samsung 850 EVO is the very best selling SSD in online shops, providing five year guarantee, capacity of TLC V-NAND is the endurance rankings. The 850 EVO additionally includes common Samsung features set. Devsleep, hardware-accelerated security. Optical storage space reviewed rate 540 MB per second

5. PNY CS1311 Solid State Drive

PNY CS1311 Solid State Drive

PNY is taking the great market in SSDs, I never ever utilized this on my laptop, However I see a lot website articles which composed it is the incredibly rapid OS booting time and also rapid application tons efficiency is superb with 550MB per second reading speed and 520MB per second writing speed, features 3 year service warranty with 24/7 United States based technological assistance.

6. Transcend SSD370Transcend SSD370

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Transcend is doing very fantastic work in SSD to be sincere I'm utilizing this SSD in my MacBook pro and also I like it according to the cost and also performance it's finest worth for cash as well as great brand name. Read rate 560MB per second and writing speed of 460MB per second it comes with 3 year warranty.

7. SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive

SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive

The Ultra II is offered in 4 capacity: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and also 960GB. All been available in a 2.5' 7mm form factor with a 9.5 mm spacer consisted of. There are no mSATA or M. 2 versions offered. Specifications reviewed 550MB per second of reading speed and Write speed of 500MB per second.

8. OCZ Vector 180 Solid State Drive

OCZ Vector 180 Solid State Drive

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OCZ SSD has actually progressed firmware collection of NAND flash administration that maintains your drive at greater continual efficiency, features 550 MB per second read rate and 530MB per second writing speed. With Toshiba modern technology created right into every drive, each Vector 180 SSD is crafted for exceptional high quality.

9. Intel 750 NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 SSD


I strongly suggest the Intel 750 for either highly demanding workstation workloads, with many tasks running at the same time or for servers serving many clients simultaneously.

So People, these are the Top 10 Best Solid State Drive of 2016 which will give you an extreme speed and performance to your Laptop, All this SSDs are easily available on Amazon, SSD you like the most you can simply buy that from Amazon and We will also update this Post Soon with the Affiliate Link of Amazon so that it become easy for our viewers to buy the SSD he like the most.