How To Check Ray-Ban Sunglasses are Original or Fake

Ray-Ban is the most selling sunglasses in the world everyone loves to wear a Ray-Ban, even if it is a big celebrity, a college going youngster or a passionate athlete, everyone wants to look cool and sexy in different shades. Some people wear sunglasses for fashion and swag, and some people wear it for safety for their eyes so that they can prevent their eyes from dirt and direct sunlight through which their eyes remain healthy for a long time, In a survey it is cleared that 55% peoples wear sunglasses only while driving. Ray-Ban has many models available in the market but due to the lot of popularity of Ray-Ban Brand duplicate copies of Ray-Ban is the market is on the very high scale, and it is increasing continuously. There are thousands of makers in the entire world who are making first copy of Ray-Ban and sellers are selling that product without any hesitation. It is also seen that for bigger profit many sellers are selling fake Ray Ban Glasses by saying original ones and due to lack of knowledge, customer purchases the duplicate sunglasses instead of genuine ones.

Well, don't worry from today whoever will read our post will never purchase the fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses as we are going to post How to spot the difference between genuine Ray-Ban glasses and duplicate ones. We are also sure that Ray-Ban team is working their best to stop all the makers of duplicate Ray-Ban so that their product quality and goodwill remain same in future.

Blue Mirror Ray-Ban

So people if you are planning to buy awesome Ray-ban sunglasses that you have always wanted to look cool in it go on and get it, Hold on sec what if your discover later on that you purchased a fake Ray-ban glasses it will be totally waste of money, well don't worry today you came to right place if you are planning to buy the Ray-Ban sunglasses or if you’ve already bought a pair and want to verify if it’s original or not, check out below the simple 11 steps or signs which will help you to spot the difference between authentic and duplicate Ray-ban.

11 Steps to Identify that your Ray-Ban Sunglasses are Genuine and Real

1. Retail Box

Ray-Ban Original Box

New Genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses are packed in a branded retail rectangular box, So whenever you are purchasing a new Ray-Ban do not forget to check the image quality and print color of the logo. Also, test the font of Ray-Ban matches that of used officially by Ray-Ban as many times these logo stamps on the fake sunglasses box will look decent only at face value, but the minor details are incorrect.

2. Retail Box Label

Ray Ban Box Label

Just like in most high-quality products Ray-Ban logo details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame & lens description. Check carefully that all this detail matches with sunglasses itself and with any accompanying paperwork.

3. Carry Case

Ray Ban Brown color carry case

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses are packed with a tan or black color carry case which is made of very high-quality leather and with a logo on left side of it, Note: Tan color carry case have a dark color logo on it and on the black color case there is a golden color logo on it. The logo containing the “Ray-Ban” seal must be centered. Also, look out for the Ray-Ban logo on the stud of the case because the fakes are often missing this very little detail.

4. Content

Ray-ban inside the box accessories

The Content of the Ray-Ban Aviator package includes one pair of sunglasses, a product manual called ‘The Icons’, a manufacturers note, a tag and a branded cleaning cloth. All these items including the cleaning cloth need to have a red Ray-Ban logo with the proper fonts and style on the bottom right, and not have any seams or threads sticking out.

5. RB Etch Sign on Left lens

Ray Ban RB Etch Sign on Glasses

New Genuine Ray-Ban aviator feature a small ‘RB’ etched on the left lens just below the hinge. So whenever you are purchasing Ray-Ban sunglasses Check the size and font carefully. The etching should be very clean and of very high quality but not painted and if the ‘RB’ etch sign is on the right lens it is a fake one.

6. Ray-Ban Logo

Ray-Ban Logo on Glasses

All Ray-Ban sunglasses have a logo on their upper side of the right lens. Again check the size, position, font & clarity carefully. The logo should not peel or flake, Please also keep this in mind while purchasing new Ray-Ban sunglasses only Ray-Ban Polarized sunglasses have written “Ray-Ban P” on the upper side of the right lens, In case shopkeeper convince you by saying it is Polarized sunglasses(without the Ray-Ban P)This is not true.

7. Nose Pad Logo

Ray-Ban Nose Pad Logo

Most check out this step as its find difficult to replicate due to the detailing involved. The letters 'R.B' can be found in the clear resin on the oval shaped nose pad. Check the position, size & shape carefully.

8. Nose Bridge Logo

Ray-Ban Nose Bridge Logo

The word 'Ray-Ban' followed by the size code are located on the underside of the metal nose bar. Check that the code matches the size code detailed on the inside left temple arm.

9. Lens Sticker

Ray-Ban Sticker on Lens

A Genuine pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses feature a sticker on the lens, Even some fake Ray-Ban sunglasses have sticker on their lens but their is a lot of difference between authentic and fake Ray-Ban sticker quality so check carefully and compare the size and font details, Also note that the genuine Ray-Ban sticker features the logo with a small ® etched right next to it which represents the registered trademark.

10. The Temple

Ray Ban Article Number on Temple

All original Ray-Ban sunglasses have a model name, numbers and sizing details on the inner side of the left temple. Look carefully for any errors in spacing, size or alignment. The Temple should be clearly attached and have a solid feel with slightly heavy looks.

11. Hinges and Temple Screws

Ray Ban Hinges and Temple Screws

A genuine Ray-Ban Aviator temple hinges are attached with Phillips screw head (crossed) screws. Of course, every different Ray-Ban models will have different hinges but always check that they are very neatly manufactured and are of excellent quality. They should be embedded neatly into the frame rather than showing any traces of glue or melted plastic like they’ve been molded.

So guys by following all these above steps you can easily identify the originality of Ray-Ban glasses so that whenever you are going to purchase your new Ray-Ban sunglasses you can clearly spot the difference between the fake and authentic Ray-ban.